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Welcome to Project READY!

Project READY is a long term study that began in the summer of 2017 to better understand the transition to adulthood. This study uses self-reported data from a national sample of 18 and 19 year olds in the United States and data is collected yearly. The completion of this study will allow researchers as well as the general public to understand what the transition to adulthood is like and what a successful transition to adulthood may look like.

This study is in the beginning stretches and we hope that you will continue to check back to this website to see new information about the study as well as the progress. Feel free to explore and get to know more about the research team, what we are looking at and what this study may potentially mean for you (especially if you are a participant!)

Follow the links below to learn more or if you are a participant to update your contact information! Thank you!

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